Wednesday, 13 August 2008

3rd edited shot. Portland lighthouse

Portland in Dorset. Always a good choice for a day out when the weather 's not so good! The sky in the before shot is interesting, but as ever (even though I checked my histograms!) my shots are a little underexposed.
This shot was much easier to edit than I thought. I decided to only leave the red band of the lighthouse in colour, so by reducing the saturation on all the other colours this leaves only the red showing, and the rest of the shot in B&W.
I would usually have to achieve this by making 2 layers in PSE, turning one B&W, and then erasing the parts I wanted to see in colour, eyecatching but a bit laborious.

Used unsharp mask, cropped slightly, reduced the light levels in the background by lasooing it. This left the detail in the sky.
Am pleased with the moody feel of this shot, esp the sky. It doesn't look like it's summer at all!


Zena said...

Great conversion. I don't even know where to start with this module!

Heather said...

Great alterations to your photos. I've just got the hang of selective colours - no idea about lasso's!

Helen Walsh said...

love what you've done with the light house, hopefully i can do something similar!

JanMary said...

Super conversion - it has resulted in a stunning image.

Karen said...

That is fab Ann, I love it.

CJ said...

I'd say you know your way round post production editing - job well done !