Saturday, 25 October 2008

Half Term at last :)

After a hideous last day of the half term (teenage girls can be particularly horrible!) am glad i have finally made it to half term. I am planning to take photos of the glorious autumn colour this year. katie is having birthday sleepover tomorrow (as long as she finishes her chores!) so this might be a chance to get some good photos too.

Cat had her first BIG adventure today.... she went out at lunch time not to return until 8pm!!!! I was getting worried about her, and just about to go out with a torch to look for her when she turns up at the back door. I have a feeling she was in next door, they used to love our old tortie too!

Managed to finish a LO with the apple photos from last week, and i got almost all of it done in a 2 hour crop!

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