Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Mary at last!!!!

Have just returned home from the carol concert at the girls school, and apart from making a complete fool of myself (along with lots of other teachers on the staff )performing ' Rockin' around the Christmas tree' the night was really good. It wasn't so much the singing, but the dancing that i found hard. My 2 left feet, stiletto boots and a stage made from blocks with small gaps between them made for a dangerous couple of minutes!!!!

Katie performed beautifully with the guitar ensemble, and FINALLY Hannah was cast as Mary, she's only had to wait nearly 17 years!!!! I hope to be able to use some of the photos later on in my journal! She was fab of course, although her boyfriend looked very worried as she appeared on stage with a realistic bump made from some bed linen!!! I was worried it was going to fall out of her jumper half way through the performance!

"And lo, she gave birth to a king size sheet...."!!!!

Well back to the journal; had to be another very quick page today as i only started it at 9.15pm. Thank goodness for Thickers letters. The theme was paper, so i used some lovely Anna Griffin papers for the page, and journalled about the way i now wrap very few of my presents, but us and re-use bags and boxes bought a while back. Much more green, and much less time taken!

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Scrapdolly said...

The page is goregous - love it