Monday, 22 December 2008

Remembering Christmas Past (and todays page)

This is the mini book i started at the Exhall crop on Sunday, and spent most of today completing. I got lots done at the crop, but didn't realise how much time it would take me to finish it!

The photographs are sort of chronological, i converted them all to B&W to avoid clashing colours, and they go quite well with the mainly red, black and white colour scheme.

As i made my Mum an album using the Christmas photos last year, i was hankering after one for myself!! I will keep this out as part of the decorations every year now!!

I am really pleased with the final outcome, i even added some jingle bells (courtesy of Paperchase) to the fibres around the bookrings for an extra festive feel. This was a great idea shared at the crop, so when i saw the bells, i HAD to have them!!!

So to todays JYC LO, made 3 lists which tuck behind the ribbons, one for today (all done) one for tomorrow and one for Christmas Eve. The latter 2 are on the fridge door until i complete them. love lists!

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Biskit said...

Your Christmas Past mini book is just beautiful.