Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy new Year

I wonder how many posts for today have started with this title? Well i wouldn't want to buck a trend so here goes!
Last night was a great evening, as usual we were the only family to dress up (theme was 999 emergency services), and so there were a multitide of police officers from here and the US, including Kojak pulled off very fetchingly by Kev, and my sister dressed as Magnum PI!!! I was a sort of Juliet Bravo, but Hannah decided that i should be called WPC Notsogoodbody! As we had so many cops, we needed one robber, and Katie played this part really well, complete with home made swagbag. One doctor made up the party, Shane was House, complete with walking cane.
It was a really good night, Colin as usual made some very strong drinks that only he, Kevin and my Dad were foolish enough to drink!!
More pics of the real us later when i get round to putting them on the computer!!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

Happy New Year Ann, cannot wait to see the photos and the L/O you do with them.

Maria xx

sue-bubbles said...

Happy New Year to you and your family Ann...looking forward to lots of lovely layouts from you as always!
Sue x