Saturday, 31 January 2009

Monochrome challenge

I had it in my head to make a page about the closure of Woolies, as part of my Book of Me, so when Shimelles challenge was to do a monochrome LO, it struck me that a photo where only the shop sign was red, and all the rest was B&W might suit this well.

As i was thinking of the current financial problems the country is having, i also chose to use recycled stash in the main (white card from inside the page protectors of a scrapbook, stamps, wrapping paper etc) in fact the only 'new' stuff is a piece of Black cardstock ( and i gutted that to re-use it later) and a few Thickers.I managed to cut the white card to shape by using a piece of expensive die cut paper that i haven't had the heart to chop into yet as a template, and after inking and doodling on this i was quite pleased with the results of my efforts!

I have an idea for a page for later, i had to take Harry to the shoe shop on Friday after school as his shoes had holes in, it turns out he has gone up a whole size in less than 6 months, and is now a 5 1/2 (the same size as Hannah!!!) As he is only 10, i'm slightly concerned about how big his feet will get by the time he finishes growing! So i might take some photos of his new shoes before he wrecks tham too. At £70 for a pair of shoes and a pair of trainers, i get the feeling i can't afford that boy!!!

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Hi I'm Maria... said...

lovely layouts Ann, I did the same as you taken photo's of woolies (Nissan and MFI) as they are all memories to me...

steven was in shoe size 12 before he was 13, so look on the bright side lol,

(saying that he's feet not grown any bigger and he's nearly 18 and still as size 12 thank goodness)...

maria x