Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Wintery Day

I got up this morning after warning of heavy snow last night to a disappointing 4 or 5 inches. So we got the children up and ready for school, just as i was leaving Hannah received a text message from a friend that Newman was closed, so only Harry had to go in today! he wasn't too happy with that!

Luckily i had brought home a bit of work (a bag full of marking!) so after i had done this i went out tobogganing with the girls. It gave me a chance to try out my new lens, and to play about with the camera, as the last time i went out on a snowy day the shots were disappointingly grey.

I Am really pleased with the shots i took, only a little fiddling was needed in photoshop, but the whites are really white, and the colours shine!

Katie fell off the toboggan once, and even i had a go with the girls! The country park was lovely as it was so quiet, only a few people walking there with their dogs. As we were out so early, we had the place to our selves almost! Hannah said she likes this about snow days, you have to get up anyway to go to school, so you don't lie in bed at home, but go out in the snow instead! I think she may be almost an adult!

Hope to scrap these pictures (of course!) soon.


sue-bubbles said...

Terrific photos Ann!
Sue x

Anonymous said...

Great phot's Ann! As usual!! x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

WOW, fab photos as usual Ann,

maria xx