Thursday, 7 May 2009

Stash and Photography.

2 parts to today's post; I didn't manage to get on here yesterday as i spent most of the day (apart from yet another trip to the orthodontist with Katie) sorting, tidying and generally re-organising my stash. Now don't get me wrong, it was pretty well organised before, I knew where most things were (still can't find my chalks though...think one of the kids has lifted them!) but i had way too much stuff i wouldn't use.

So when my second RUB arrived yesterday, with the file folders, it spurred me into action. I cleared out the old patterned papers that i already had 2 of, the freebies from magazines i wouldn't get around to using, the stickers that made me say 'what was i thinking of when i bought these....?' and now Kev has a nice little stash for his kids in primary school to use in their creative exploits. They will love the shiny stickers, bits of ribbon and pretty floral papers I've given them to play with, and I've even given him a 12x12 storage bag i got from Do Crafts years ago. I had chucked it as the clasp on the front was broken, but Kev being Kev he retrieved it, mended the clasp, and his stuff is organised too.

Part 2 of this post links back to the original reason i set up this blog in the first place. I took an online photography course last year with Cheryl from UKS, and part of it was to start a blog to share my images. I enjoyed the courses so much that i took all 3 courses she ran last year. Well this year there is a sequel, I've signed up and paid so i hope i will be brushing up on my photographic skills again. And i do have my new lens to play with too.


Julia Dunnit said...

Your orgainsation is making me ashamed! Great recomendation for Cheryl's course, enjoy!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh lovely lot of nice and tidy stash you've got there ann...

maria x

sue-bubbles said...

WOW...not only are you an inspiration with your gorgeous layouts Ann, I will keep in mind this post of yours as I endeavour to create some tidy stash space - good luck me!
Sue x
ps: Are you sure you dont want to play with your Colossal papers one last time....if they havent hit the bin!?

SusieJ said...

How tidy you are!
Good luck with the photography course!
Sue xx