Thursday, 18 June 2009

First fruit

There really is something about English strawberries that simply cannot be beaten, and if you grow them yourself, and eat them warm from the plant....that's a pleasure worth waiting for! So here is a shot i took of our strawberries earlier this week, (just before i got the lurgy.. which i'm sad to say is back, Kev says i have to starve myself till Sunday) and i think they will be ready to eat this weekend!

I will just have to wait until then to enjoy the first friut from our garden!

Some good photo opps this weekend too, it's Harrys school sports day on Sunday, i might get a few good shots of him running down the track... you never know:)

1 comment:

sue-bubbles said...

Im afraid I ate mine so fast there was no time to reach for the camera lol! I think I will go see if any more have ripened! I hope your jippy tummy is better now Ann!
Sue x