Saturday, 6 June 2009


I started to think yesterday about life, the universe and everything.... a bit heavy for the start of a blog post; but a girl i went to school with from primary school, who worked as a TA in my son's school, who lived in the parish we were both brought up in, and whose son i teach died on Thursday night.

I didn't see that much of her really, i wouldn't say we were ever close friends, just nodding acquaintances, but i had known her for much of my life, she is the same age as me, and has died after quite a long illness. It has made me think that my difficulties over the past few months were nothing really, i have been ill, but i have been lucky, and am on the road to recovery. I feel so sad for her, who was still young really, and for her family, her children left without her.

I suppose it makes me grateful for my health, my family and my children, and determined that no more time should be wasted.... as we never know what can happen. It also makes me glad i scrapbook, i hope that no matter what happens, no one will be in any doubt about what i think about things and people, and what makes me tick.

Finally i just wanted to post some pictures of a contribution i made to 'Sue Bubbles Sparkles Book' to cheer her fab new craft room while she recuperates after an operation.I know Sue has a serious addiction with stash (deny it all you like Sue.... but we have all been encouraged to spend, spend, spend by you!!!) so my 6x6 pages have this as a theme. The stamp i used on the second page seem to fit somehow with the theme of my post today.

Get well soon Sue.


Sue C said...

Hi Ann, I know exactly what you mean, we had two sudden losses connected to our school, two people who were not ill, one just died suddenly aged 46 and one killed in a tragic accident. I too put things into perspective after that, hence my post on the DC forum a while ago titled 'a brand new day'. As for the scrapbooking, nothing is left unsaid in our books is it, it's all there for people to see and its great x

Julia Dunnit said...

I'm with you Ann, I have a greater empathy and am more affected by such things these days. Wonderful LOs, am sure Sue must love them.

Kim Dellow said...

I read your first line and immediately wanted to say that the answer is 42 but then I read more, how very sad.
What an awful thing and it always does make you stop and think doesn't it? I too had a brush with a bad illness last year and was very lucky. Corny I know but it does make you re-access what is important in your life.
Your work is lovely and helped to cheer me up, very beautiful. I adore the button tree. Kim

DGgirl said...

Hi Ann

Can easily understand the sentiment in today's post. Had a narrow miss myself some years ago now and DS had two within one week aged 11 months.

Anyway, we're all here to tell the tale and for that I am pretty much a different person in many ways.

Beautiful pages by the way, I know Sue will love them. Make mine seem totlly inadequate LOL!!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh ann I'm so sorry, sending you and the others hugs....

I think we all know life can be cut short and we must live it to the full, live as if it's your last and have no regrets...

love sues page, well done...

maria x

sue-bubbles said...

A very moving post Ann, I am so sorry to hear about your acquaintance. I agree, when someone is lost who is so near your own age, it really is shocking and sends your mind in a spin. It is a positive thing if such events lead you to value your life and make the most of each moment, but at the same time...dont make such an event question the realness and seriousness of your own recent illness - just know that you will emerge at the other end, stronger than ever and able to appreciate all things life has to offer, good and bad. Mmm I know what I mean, I just wish I could word things better!

Now...your pages for my book of sparkles, how absolutely scrummy, as indeed they all are! I love everything about them, but that button tree really is something else! A huge thanks to you Ann, and everyone who has contributed to my lovely book!

Do you have the Brenda Pinnick 'arrows' dies Ann? Oh, I really think you NEED them...ha ha ha!

Sue x

a little bit of me........ said...

sorry to hear about your aquantance too Ann its a terrible loss for her family and friends. I agree it does make us all sit up and smell the coffee. we all get so busy and take life for granted at times, hugs to you and i just love your page for Sue its stunning as your work always is and your such an inspiration to me,

SusieJ said...

Stunning pages Ann.
Sorry to hear about your loss but as Sue-bubbles says please don't play down your own ill health. I'm so pleased you're on the road to recovery - just take it one day at a time.
Sue xx