Monday, 20 July 2009

To cheer me up..

.. i'd nearly forgotten that i had been given another award for my blog from the lovely Julia here on her blog. The only rules are that i have to nominate recipients too, and add a link to their blogs.
So I want to nominate the lovely Sue, who always makes me laugh, Sheena, another Coventry cropper who makes beautiful pages, and has just started blogging, and Caroline for her inspirational blog.
An oddly stressful day at work today, i saw a member of staff who runs the staff association, they have apparantly bought me a gift , but after my illness earlier this year i don't think i can face going to the staff room to receive it from the Head. The worst part was that as i tried to explain this to him i burst into tears... i felt sorry for him as blokes just can't handle this kind of thing....i think he'll be glad to just hand it over at break in the science dept tomorrow.
I'll be relieved when tomorrow is over.


SusieJ said...

Oh Ann! It's understandable that you feel like that. Just do what you feel comfortable with.
You thoroughly deserve the award - well done!
Sue xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Would have made me cry too Ann, it's been a long haul for you after all. I'm sure tomorrow will be as smooth as silk. Hope you're both feeling totally recovered.