Sunday, 23 August 2009

70th birthday party.

We went to a surprise birthday party last night for a friend of ours. Kathleen was a teacher and Head at the children's primary school, and ran the Folk group i sing in for over 20 years, before retiring gracefully around 4 years ago. We still see her regularly, and it was fantastic to see her face as she came into the room. For someone so well known in my local parish it was amazing that she had no idea that the party was being arranged, and she was totally overwhelmed by it all.

I made her a quick card yesterday, as she is so musical i used a cuttlebug musical score embossing folder, the rest was made using Unity stamps, a bit of paper piecing, and some ribbon.

Have been to a crop today, will post my pages tomorrow.

Finally, many thanks to Jazzy for giving me this lovely blog award. Take a look at her blog here for some amazing photos, i did a couple of online photography courses with her earlier this year.

Rule for the award are that i must pass it on to 5 others, so here are my choices:

Julia, who's blog is always worth a read

Caroline, for an varied and inspirational blog

Sue, for inspiring me and making me laugh

Katrina for her fabulous cards

and for SusieJ who is kind enough to read my drivel here, and leave me a comment :)

...and list 5 things i am addicted to (no surprises for regular readers here!)

Shoes (LO to follow!)


Setting stuff on fire (well i am a scientist!)


Star Trek ( and most Sci Fi)


SusieJ said...

Lovely card Ann - it's amazing isn't it how people can keep a secret!
Thank you for the award - you don't write drivel!
Sue xx

DGgirl said...

Hi Ann

Fab card. Guess which embossing folder is next on my shopping list now that I've finally got my 'Bug!!

So glad to have you back blogging again.


Julia Dunnit said...

Lovely card,the colours are fab.
Thanks for the award. Am blushing. And looking forward to hearing about the next time you set fire to something!