Saturday, 29 August 2009

Another lovely award!

Caroline (aka Country/Canny Crafter) who was one of the Scrapbook Apprentices and is a fab scrapbooker and Susie J have both given me a lovely award. CC has a really inspirational blog, and i always find something to read as she posts so regularly, and Susie is always kind enough to leave me lovely comments !
To receive the award i need to nominate 5 others (a bit tricky as i have one this recently, so i might not get to 5!!)

and tell you 5 things about me you might not know.

1. I hate hard cheeses like cheddar (Brie and Camembert are OK!)

2. I wish i was a bit thinner (14 not 16)

3. Even when my career was going well i always suffered from self doubt about my ability to teach.

4. I always wanted to be a teacher.

5. I love the smell of hydrocarbons (petrol, tar etc... weird i know, but a fellow chemistry teacher i know is the same!)

So to my nominations.

1. Grace, who is a young cardmaker and has just started her own blog.

2. Sue Bubbles who always makes me laugh out loud!

3. Julia who writes an amazing blog!

4. Dyan who has the ability to make you laugh and cry in one post (and produces gorgeous altered art.

5. Sheena, a fellow Coventry scrapper, and super talented!
Last day of Come Dine with Me today, Kev is busy in the kitchen as i type..... and Harry is crying after cutting up the onions for his soup :(
And although it's a competition i don't think there is a prize... i might need to come up with something!


SusieJ said...

Well done Ann (though I did give you this award on Thursday!).
I love all your tales of your family.
Sue xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh thanks Ann - you're too kind. And as for a prize - I think the winner deserves to cook at least one evening a week! Yeah, prizes all round methinks.

DGgirl said...

Congratulations Ann!

A well deserved award missus.