Saturday, 28 November 2009

A busy day ahead.

The Christmas season is officially starting today, as Hannah left at 9.30 to start her seasonal work at Argos, I've finished my Christmas shopping, and we have 2 church Bazaars to attend today! Kev's school has one over in Willenhall, and then a quick drive from there back to Holy Family for our own local one. I always enjoy the Bazaar, the Hall is decorated, the parish is out in force, there are lots of bits and pieces to buy (Harry bought his pressies there for under a fiver last year!!!) and and old friend plays Santa for the kids.

Here's a recent page, made a couple of weeks ago for the cyber crop on UKS. The page was designed by Ifa, and i love the ribbon frame... might use this idea again!... Although thinking back the ribbons did take ages to sew on; i remember saying never again when i was half way through!

The photo is of the girls near the cliff top at Worbarrow Bay in Dorset (It looks more dangerous than it was!) Title letters are Autumn Leaves with Glossy Accents (Large) and Doodlebug (small).

Some news, I have another interview on Monday for a part time post working with Year 6 students at a Primary School, which starts after Christmas. If i got it it would give me plenty of experience to go after another primary post if this is what i want to do... still not really decided yet! A few jobs have been advertised recently, so even if i don't get this one there will be others to go for in the pipeline.


SusieJ said...

Have a great day Ann (I'm jealous as I'm still confined to the house with piggy flu).
Good luck with the interview on Monday.
Love the LO - that ribbon frame is wonderful!
Sue xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Yep, too much sewing for me, but certainly worth's a lovely LO. AM fresh back from our bazaar..missed all the cakes as usual!
Great good luck for Monday.

Anonymous said...

Good luck for the interview Ann,

There's never too much sewing fro me!


Anonymous said...

Great layout, I did not get to that one yet!! Good luck with the interview. x

sue-bubbles said...

You have FINISHED your Christmas shopping!!!! But its not even Christmas Eve yet..he he!
A wonderful LO Ann, loving all those ribbons!
Sue x

Ann said...

Lovely page. I really like the ribbon frame idea and might give it a go myself - when I've plenty of time to sew!
Good news on the job front. I hope you get something soon.
As for Christmas, I'm nowhere near ready. But I have signed and sent all my Christmas cards in the post!

DGgirl said...

Hi Ann

Fab LO - inspiration for me to use up some of my ever increasing supply ofd ribbons!!

Good luck with the interview on Monday.

Finished your Christmas Shopping - something not natural about that missus!!!!