Tuesday, 1 December 2009

JYC Day 1

First the news.. i didn't get the job (again) i'm sure it's a result of me applying for primary teaching jobs (which are the only ones about at the moment) when i am trained and have experience teaching in secondary schools.

Enough of that now, here's my first page for Journal Your Christmas.

Didn't take too long, but i think this size of 6x12 will take some getting used to!

I get the feeling my loopy punch might be a repeated item on these pages, and the kit has lots of very handy embellishments to add to the pages.


Beverly Kepple said...

Sorry about the job. What's your specialty subject? (I'm an ex chemistry teacher)
Love your style & pages on the slide shows. regards Beverly

SusieJ said...

A great start to your project Ann.
Sorry about the job - keep trying!
Sending lots of sparkles.
Sue xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Yeah..they think you're over experienced don't they. Keep at it though Ann! Love your 6 x12 format..that punch is now on my wish list. Great start!

Jenny said...

Lovely page, sorry to hear about your job frustrations :( hope soemthing comes up for you soon x x

Ann said...

Love your first page and I'd struggle with 12x6 myself I think!
Maybe it's not just you being trained for secondary teaching, maybe there's a lot of unemployed teachers around that you are competing against unfortunately?
Keep trying.