Tuesday, 12 January 2010

How busy?......

how can it be that a day can be so crowded with activities, while the one after it has nothing pending?

I worked a full day today which involved a 35 mile round trip, we had a family visit to the dentist, then a preparation service at church for Harry's upcoming confirmation, then choir practice, so about 10 minutes ago i finally sat down with a cup of coffee to relax about 14 hours after i started this morning... i don't know how i had the stamina to keep this up full time :D

And the calendar for tomorrow is empty. But alas not for Kevin this week, his school had the dreaded call, and OFSTED are in on Thursday and Friday. Not sure how late he'll be up tonight and tomorrow, but i do find myself asking (and have done every time a school I've worked in is inspected)

Do the inspections work?

Do they tell schools/LAs anything they didn't already know?

Are they worth all the cash spent on them?

Are they worth all the stress they cause?

I know what i think, just wish the gov't would knock them on the head, the country does need to save a few quid after all!

Today's page ... we are getting to the end now... features photos i took in the heavy snowfall last week, and talks about how late i always am taking down my decorations.

I made my own background papers with die cut snowflakes and swirls loosely stuck to the page, then sprayed with cosmic shimmer mist in blue (a Christmas pressie) then silver. The die cut masks are removed and hey presto a bespoke paper. Messy, but worth it for the unique look it gives.

I added some bling gemstones to make the swirls, and a lot of glitter glue... well how often do we get proper snow like this! Talking of which snow is forecast here tonight... no sign of it yet though :)


Julia Dunnit said...

Don't get me started..here's a gem of a story. Our local Primary Achol was plunged into Special Measures by OFSTED three weeks after the LEA had inspected and advised it should apply for Beacon status. Bin OFSTED, it's subjective and that's not a good thing. And anyway, who's checking the checkers?
Sorry. Got me started there!
Really like the colours on this page,and the title..says it all about your relluctance to undecorate!

Julia Dunnit said...

And thank goodness I'm not a teacher..I didn't take the time to check my furious typing - sorry about the spelling errors!

tartantaz said...

It does sound very stressful and we do as a country need to save money for sure. But thats the government for you. Im begining to think that it doesnt really matter who you vote for these days nothing much changes not in the long term. Maybe Billy Connolly is right, "dont vote it just encourages them" lol

Anyway your page is great love the photo.

T x

Ann said...

I love that background paper and I should really give glimmer mists more craft-time. I do have some of the colours but never think to use them for backgrounds.

CoventryAnn said...

Lol at the typos Julia :D

SusieJ said...

Fabulous background paper Ann (I've just started playing with masks and mists - am a bit heavy handed but no doubt I'll learn).
Sparkles for Kev - I hate Ofsted having been through it - def. not worth the expense or stress.
Sue xx

Kim said...

We've had OFSTED in for the past 3 Christmases. Has it made a difference I don't think so, just gives everyone a very stressful the week before Christmas, as if Christmas isn't stressful enough.