Saturday, 9 January 2010

It's all done

Hooray, my JYC is done!!!!!
Now i can get back to doing 12x12 size again, I've printed off some bigger photos, there are some challenges appearing on UKS, so off we go again!

Today's page is from the 2nd Jan, and is about innocence. I went with the idea of innocent fun, these silly glasses were bought as fun presents for the boys of the family this year, and most of us tried them on over Christmas, they gave us a fly's-eye view of the world!!

It snowed a little again overnight, Hannah was out at her first dinner party!!!! A friend of hers celebrated her 19th birthday by having a Murder Mystery meal. Hannah had to go dressed in evening wear and 'diamonds' (her friend said that she found it hard to decide between this character and a lap dancer for Hannah!!!) Obviously i sent her with a camera as I think a good scrapbook page will follow!

As all the shopping is done we are all in for the day, I have to admit not even bothering to get dressed. Just chatted to Mum, and she seems a little better, thanks for all the best wishes for her.
Stay snug!


SusieJ said...

Love the page Ann and can't wait to see the photos of Hannah!
Sue xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Well a fullalbum - what a marvellous really is fab. We did a MMystery thing some time ago, DH even grew a mustach to get into character...mine was slightly easier - slightly eccentric, slightly tarty actress. Hmmm....No photos, but what a blast!