Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A photo with me in it...

I know, a very rare page, but this photo taken by Hannah is a good one of me and my 3 sisters in law at a recent family get together. It struck me how long we have known each other, and the journalling became a summary of the four of us.

I went a bit mad with the cosmic shimmer mist in the background,sadly the picture doesn't pick this up too well, and overstamped with MS flower stamps. Other flowers made using MS fan punch, Unity stamps and i added Beadazzles to the centres... a very messy business, but they look so cute. If anyone has a tip about how to get them back into the bottle without the tiny beads running everywhere I'd be grateful! Title is stamped using Autumn Leaves and Studio g stamps.

Kev is in the kitchen making pancakes, both DDs are in bed still, so i won't have to fight too hard to get a couple! Mum is coming round later, so i had better do a bit of tidying :)


SusieJ said...

So nice to see you on this side of the camera Ann! Great photo and a lovely sparkly LO.
Sue xx

DGgirl said...

Hi Ann

Another fab LO - just love your work missus. Know what you mean about the photos - a photo of mean is as rare as hen's teeth!!!


Julia Dunnit said...

It's another cracker and *wave* to Ann - it's a great photo! I love that no matter our age or status, the need to have a quick tidy roud before your Mum arrives never leaves us. My Mum says it's respect. She's probably right, but there's a helping of shame for me too!!

Ann said...

I always love your layouts Ann. They are so detailed, with loads of techniques to spot. This is no exception. And it's good to see you on a page too.