Thursday, 22 April 2010

Surviving.. but not living...

I always knew that Primary School teachers worked hard, but how hard has come as a surprise even to me.

I have only just finished work at just before 9pm, after marking 4 class sets of work today (with full comments on each one about what they have done well, and how to improve) and setting my work for tomorrow. There has got to be a way round this, the marking load is killing me. On the plus side the kids are lovely, keen, willing and really excited about learning.
Today's page is one I made a good while ago, the photo is one of my MIL with her siblings and it was taken in Yorkshire in the winter in about 1950. The kids are sitting on a bench with the snow about them (no flash in those days)... no wonder they look miserable.

The papers are Cosmo Cricket Jolly by Golly, and the title is stamped with added crackle accents. Snowflakes are cut with a very old Sizzix die. The page took an age to make as I had the mad idea to doodle and stitch a border around the page, I wouldn't be surprised if this LO is one of the longest (in time terms) i have ever made.

Well tomorrow is Friday (Thank God) and I get PPA time in the afternoon (planning and marking time).

Only 4 weeks to half term.........

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Julia Dunnit said...

I have no experience of course, of teaching, but am guessing that you worked just as hard at Secondary, but differently? I would hate to think of you working till 9pm most nights..guilt - the number of tmes we looked forward to seeing some of DD's stuff marked quickly to gee her up a bit..sorry!
Love the LO - the doodle and stitch thing was very worth it.