Saturday, 14 August 2010

Glad to be Home...

Although I love being away on the south coast, so much so that the holiday has stretched from one week, to two, and in the lat few years to three... but I'm always really happy to get home. Not quite so happy this time as DD1 spent a couple of weeks here alone before joining us (die to work), and her idea of tidy is definitely no-where near mine, or her Dads, so she had a serious talking to when we got home tonight. Do they ever grow up.. or is it only when they get a place of their own?
A quick page to share.. this one is from the same kit as I shared with you before the holiday, photos taken at the end of half term (when it really was summer!).. why is it that as soon as the school holidays start the weather breaks and we get day after day of rain and cloud?? We had a good few sunny days in Dorset this year, but only about half in the three weeks were 'beach' days, which seems such a shame especially as we had such glorious weather in June.

Off to a crop tomorrow, no time to print any holiday photos, but should get some scrapping done (and escape the washing mountain) !

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sue-bubbles said...

A terrific LO Ann and glad to see you back! Shame about the weather...such a pain isnt it - storms here all evening, and feet under fluffy robe - in August..tut! Enjoy the rest of the school hols, and especially your crop tomorrow!
Sue x