Thursday, 23 September 2010

The bane of my life.....

.... my teeth that is (I blame my mother as hers are rubbish too)
Despite regular brushing, flossing and visits to my dentist, every time I go I need things doing. And worse than that, inbetween visits horrible thing happen to my gnashers too. Today while teaching my class i felt my bridge moving about, sure enough a few minutes later it had fallen out (to my horror) and I still had an hour of teaching to do with no TA to rescue me :(
I managed to get into the dentist to find that the post the bridge was sitting on had snapped (due to an earlier root canal treatment following an abscess .... see, I told you they were bad) and the only option is to have a metal post fitted and a new bridge.
So I've had the treatment and am feeling very sore, but worst of all is the cost, I do have insurance but due to 2 recent fillings can't claim any more this year, and I now have to fork out £800 so I don't look like the very attractive model pictured above.
Just think how much stash that would buy......


jackie(worcs) said...

Poor you! £800!! OMG. I hope thats the last of the dentists you will see for a long time.
Jackie :-)

SusieJ said...

OMG Ann - what a dreadful thing to happen and at such a price! Sparkles for trouble free teeth.
Hugs,Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Bad luck on the bridge Ann.
£800.....ouch!. Mgt.