Sunday, 19 September 2010

She's flown....

..the nest that is. We spent yesterday in Derby with Hannah, she has a lovely room in her Halls of Residence flat (and I'll choose to forget the pervading smell of vomit outside the buildings.... students, hey?) and is very lucky to have the biggest bedroom in the flat. We had a lovely time in the centre of Derby, and even found that her nearest supermarket is an Aldi.. home from home!! I made her this using a bargain plain notebook from The Works, a Sizzix alphabet die and my Bind it All machine. She is a good cook, but I made some dividers form pink card to separate the different types of cooking, and wrote in some of my favourite recipes. Her Dad, Grandma Joan and her Aunty La also added recipes, and there is plenty of space for her to write in her favourite things to cook as she goes along.

....Only thing is she forgot to pack it!!! It was left out until the last minute as my Mum added another recipe, so I'll have to post a little package to her!

Out crafting today, hope to get some pages done as I have loads of photos from this summer to deal with.


Ann said...

What a lovely idea to make her a recipe book and for her to know that all the female relatives added their little bit!
When we took our youngest daughter to Uni last year, we forgot pillows!
I hope she has a great time at Derby.

SusieJ said...

Love the recipe book Ann. Hope Hannah settles in well.
Sue xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Gosh, at the brink of another great phase. Best good luck to Hannah, am sure that lovely recipe book will become a treasure.