Sunday, 2 January 2011

First Post

After spending a really funny New Years Eve with my sister and her family, and a very lazy New Years Day in my PJs I thought I ought to update some more of the blog today with my JYC pages.
The first page is about Hannah heading off to work on Christmas Eve, dressed festively with Christmas tree earrings, a red dress and plenty of glitter spray in her hair! Her manager liked the look so much that she nipped out to Claires Accessories to pick up glitter hairspray for herself!
The next page is about the lego building that has gone on here since Christmas day, even the girls have joined in. Harry received lots of Harry Potter lego this year, and some lego board games, so they have all been played with. The nice thing about this is that he has gone into his huge lego box of bits and pieces (much of which was donated by friends with older children) and has been building random other models to go with the kits. I think lego is one of those toys that I won't be giving to a charity shop, and it will go in the loft when the children outgrow it... ready for another generation perhaps?


Jimjams said...

Great pages Ann - love the expression on DD's face :D
I miss the Christmas days spent building with Lego ... ours is all packed away along with the Duplo ... awaiting grandchildren (but not yet please Santa!) - definitely not something to be thrown away!

SusieJ said...

Love the pages Ann and well done Harry with the lego - one of the best toys around.
Sue xx