Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Lovely birthday....

I know I've got to the age when I now have to think about how old I am and do a quick calculation, but I did have a lovely day today as I turned 47!

I spent the morning scrapbooking with friends in Nuneaton, after picking up a gorgeous kit from the Exhall crop. Then out for lunch with the family, and home for a chocolate birthday cake, baked by Kevin, and decorated by Hannah.

The cake was originally cooked last night by the kids while we were out for an Anniversary meal, but when we got home Hannah was despondent.... as it looked more like a couple of large chocolate chip cookies than a cake! (Her words, not mine!) Never mind, Kev to the rescue, and Hannah still got to cover the cake with the icing she made yesterday!

I spent the afternoon finishing the pages from the Exhall crop kit, so I'll share these later in the week... and even better, the weather forecast is set fair. I think the bluebell woods will be at their best, so a trip to our local one could be called for :)


SusieJ said...

So glad you had a lovely birthday Ann. Any stash involved? lol
Enjoy the bluebell woods.
Hugs xx

CoventryAnn said...

No stash yet, more teeth trouble so this has gobbled up my cash again :(... but I did receive a lovely little pressie I might spend on something crafty from my in laws!