Saturday, 9 July 2011

Prom Queen

When I first started this blog, one of my first posts was about Hannah's Year 11 prom. Now she is at University,
and it was Katie's turn on Thursday.
Now, you couldn't get two more different girls when it comes to getting ready for the big night: Hannah's dress was bought many months before the event, hairstyles and makeup planned, limo transport organised etc etc, it was a military operation and very lovely she looked too.
Katie was far more laid back, we managed to get her out of bed to find a suitable dress at a local bridal shop, but the jewellery and shoes were a very last minute affair, she was taken there by me in the Mondeo.
Different approach, but the same outcome, my little girl is a beautiful young lady :)


Jane said...

she looks beautiful, love the dress

Kim said...

What a beautiful young lady. Hope Katie enjoyed the Prom.

SusieJ said...

Wow - Katie looks gorgeous.
Hope she enjoyed the prom.
Hugs xx

Svjetlana said...

Such a beautiful girl! You must be very proud Mum

Dawn said...

Beautiful, love the colour. Bet she had a fun time.