Sunday, 25 September 2011

First Christmas crafting

I know it seems early to start making things for Christmas, but after talking to a friend at work, we started to think about what we would make with the children this year for Christmas. As a result I had a go at mocking up a couple of ideas yesterday. My friend also runs the enterprise group within school, and we are planning to replace the books within the classroom libraries, that have definitely seen better days!!
The first thing I had a go at were christmas decorations, then I made some really simple tags, and finally a card I plan to make with my class as part of a maths lesson (Lots of measuring!)
The tags will be really easy to make with a couple of dies, paper punches and a simple stamp on the back. We plan to sell them in packs of 10.
The card came from an idea I saw in a Hobbycraft magazine last month, I think it needs thinner paper, but should work nicely for the children to make.
Have you started your Christmas crafting yet?


Julia Dunnit said...

I wish you'd taught me maths Ann, I might have actually engaged! Great plans.

SusieJ said...

Same as Julia said re the maths!
Love the tags and that card is really going to impress the parents!
Hugs xx
p.s. yes,I have the grand total of one Christmas card made...well, it's a start!lol

Jane said...

i've been crocheting a few snowflakes and thinking about my cards!

Jimjams said...

Nope - no Christmas crafting here, but I'd be tempted to make some of those cards myself - they look brilliant!
Love the idea of the tags too - great idea for fund-raising.