Monday, 31 October 2011

Recycle, re-use or refuse?

This is another LO made using the ten minute sketch I mentioned in an earlier post.
This did take quite a bit longer than the time allotted as I just couldn't leave it looking so simple (I don't really do clean and simple designs... well, not on scrapbook pages anyway!) So I added extra detail by stitching a border with the help of my WRMK Sew Easy tool, and as the needle was out I stitched the buttons on too.
The girls look very young here, and very brown too, it must have been a good year that summer :)
The bit of trim was a tiny piece left over from a class kit that I just didn't want to part with...
I know they say crafters are thrifty, but I've got to the stage now where I only keep bits and pieces that I really think I will be able to use somewhere down the line. If it's just plain old cardstock scraps, then they are destined for the bin I'm afraid!! What about you, do you keep all your scraps, chuck the lot, or are you somewhere in-between, like me?


Julia Dunnit said...

I am definitely an in-betweener when it comes to scraps..I kinda have a size guide in my head - they have to be vaguely use-able. But it can take me a very long time to use them. Not so the patterned scraps, am better at using those, oddly.
Loke the LO very much - this WRMK sewing tool - you rate it then?

Jimjams said...

I have just "won" a Sew-Easy and have a star-burst head - that scallop edge looks great. I've heard mixed reviews about the tool - any tips as you seem to do well with it?

Lovely page - things like that trim lift it IMHO and make it really special!

CoventryAnn said...

My tip for using the WRMK tool is to stand as you pierce the holes, that way you get good even pressure. I'm also not too worried if the card doesn't pierce completely, even if you only weaken the card with the tool it is enough to help you get your needle through easily, and it makes a mark so you know where to stitch.

SusieJ said...

Very pretty LO Ann.
Good to read a review of the Sew Easy Tool - I'd also heard bad reviews so I've stuck with Bazzill InStitchz.
Hugs xx

akilli melek said...

def keep the scraps but reuse them ....well that isnt as easy..

love the layout

jennifer said...

Great layout, I love the stitching and the bobble trim.

I keep most scraps, the smallest go into an open dish on my desk so they're handy for adding to layouts and cards. If the dish gets full I get rid of some! x

Svjetlana said...

Love your LO, I also very often start off with a simple sketch and then fuss with a details and turn it from a simple into a hard work (LOL).

Always keep scraps from pattern papers and keep them together with a rest of the kit(paper pack) as long as I can make anything with the kit.

Plane cards scraps (smaller then A6 card) are kept if I can see in advance that they will be used soon, those bigger then A6 card are always kept until used up.