Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Day 20 Ladies day

Every year I meet up with other ladies who are members of my Mums extended family just before Christmas. It's a shame but the numbers have dwindled of late, but we still met for a pub lunch on the 20th. Last year the snow was falling as I drove out to the country pub, but with this December being so mild the weather was good enough for my girls to talk to the donkeys behind the pub for a few minutes before we left for home.

I've managed to catch up partly with the journal today, but a hideous cough is keeping both me and Kev awake at night and waking me before dawn in the mornings..... oh for a lie in :(


Ladkyis said...

Mr M has the same irritating cough, well it certainly irritates me. It always starts just as the dialogue gets good on TV or just as I am dropping to sleep.
I hope yours doesn't last long.

Svjetlana said...

Donky is cute, love those papers!