Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Days 12 and 13

Am still making progress with the journal.

Day 12 was about Christmas memories. I had scrapped this photo of me a couple of times before, but only just noticed the tree in the background, it would have been my first Christmas in London back in 1964.

Day 13 was about Christmas music. I used photos I took (with Harry's help) signing the title of the hymn O Holy Night. These were taken using the inspiration from Cheryl's 12 days of Christmas photography course. The journalling is about the fact that we sang the hymn a few years ago as a choir, but murdered it somewhat, as it is just so high!!


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Auntie Margaret said...

Ann - The photo of you was taken in our house & the chair you sat on was Julie's from Grandma, happy memories. Auntie Margaret xx