Sunday, 4 December 2011

JYC Days 1 and 2.

Thank goodness for yesterdays crop, I've never been behind with JYC before this early, so was relieved to be back on track by the end of the day.
Day 1 is always the Manifesto, why I'm making the journal, and mine is really short and sweet this year!

I used my self portrait taken for the 12 days of Christmas, I'm sure lots more of these photos will be appearing in the next couple of weeks.
Day 2 is about the weather, and as we had our first frost of the year on Friday, and DS had his new scarf on I grabbed a photo of him just before he got into the car for the school run... just happened to have my camera handy!

Can't believe how grown up he looks now, but at least with the scarf covering his mouth you can't see the teen pout...'Muuuuuuuuuum, do you have to?'


Svjetlana said...

Lovely papers and A4 is a nice size too, love this shaped pages!

Jane said...

love what you've done, hope you can find the time for more