Saturday, 14 January 2012

Funny times...

Managed to finish my JYC today, so should have uploaded it all by the end of this week.
For today's page the prompt is about a favourite memory of Christmas, so mine is about a Rolf Harris beard bought by Kevin for Katie to go with her Stylophone. (Edited to add: who would ever have thouht Rolf Harris was a criminal when we were kids? The beard was an innocent gift, remembering more innocent days) The funniest thing about this gift was that she opened it before the Stylophone saying, "Who on earth has bought me a beard and glasses?" and then proceeded to open the rest of her presents wearing it!

We liked the beard so much we almost all had a go wearing it during Christmas day.
Can you spot a hirsute me among the beardies?


cannycrafter said...

Great fun! I love these December daily type albums now and although it was a test to get this year's finished, I managed it and they are great to look back on. I love how you do yours every year. CCx

Jimjams said...

Brilliant page Ann - what a great gift and congrats on finishing JYC!