Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Do as I say...

... not do as I do :)
The last thing I said to the kids on leaving the house this morning was, "Check you have your keys."

Tuesdays are the days I am given time to plan and mark, so i often come home to work as it is so  much easier to use a computer with a printer right next to it, instead of having to wander off to the other side of the school, memory stick in hand. I did some work at school, and headed for home at 2pm. On getting here, I realised I had left my door keys at home..... after going to a live football match last night (for the first time in well over 20 years) and had taken them out of my pocket before heading off to the stadium :(

 Two hours later I managed to get in, of course neither of the kids had their phones turned on, and  when I got hold of Katie, she had also left her keys indoors.  The moral of the story; don't go and watch live football, and never expect teenage kids to do as you ask them to. :D

As this purports to be a crafty blog i should share something.  This is the last of my Chinese whispers pages.

Liane sent me this page,

 I took inspiration from the title to make my LO.
 I also included dotty cardstock and substituted hearts  for the circles on her page.
The title was a bit of inspiration on my part ( a rare thing!) I had run out of the letters I wanted to use for the title (not enough n's), so I stuck them loosely onto the page and drew round them.
Then I removed the letters, doodled a design inside each one and added glossy accents to make them stand out.  A solution to that annoying time you have not enough vowels left in your Thickers set.

Off out to choir practice later, must make sure I take my keys :D


Barbara said...

Great set of lo's Ann, hope you enjoyed the whisper

SusieJ said...

Love the LOs and thanks for making me smile (sorry! I know it wasn't funny at the time)....I leave a spare key at a friend's house as I often set off to walk Max...only to find I've left my keys indoors....pleased I'm not the only one!
Hugs xx

Jimjams said...

Why is it that keys only get left behind when it is MOST inconvenient - never when you have time to sit in a sunny garden watching the clouds???

Love both the original and your scraplift - and am in awe of the way you've done your alphas - ACE!!!

SueB said...

Great layouts Ann, glad you finally found out keys too! Suzie xxx :)