Thursday, 31 May 2012

Over and Out

Well, it's the last day of May, and the blog prompts from DoCrafts come to an end :(

I only joined in with them mid month, but have really enjoyed writing about other things.  It's also been great to 'meet' other readers and blog writers in cyberspace.

As i started late, I think what I'll do is to catch up with the posts I missed at the beginning of the month.  This should help me get over Blog Prompt Cold Turkey (I'm sure this is a real condition!!)
 Not sure I'll be able blog daily, but I will try to do my best.  Promise.


Alice Morland said...

What a great idea! Post in the docrafts Forum too as a reminder for us to visit.

Princess 1 said...

I'll keep popping by to check up on you and Cheese is a definite yes! lol Sx

CoventryAnn said...

Still noooooo to cheese :D

Annie said...

Please keep blogging Ann.......and I will too. I really enjoy reading your blog.

Love and hugs

Annie xxx

Anonymous said...

I missed a few too Ann, so will also be finishing up over the next little while. We can be in blog detention together :-)