Saturday, 19 May 2012

Spring Cleaning?

What? Spring cleaning? Well, with working full time, and a time consuming hobby I barely even keep up with the emergency, remedial type cleaning that I have to do to prevent us living in a slum.

 I had to laugh at work this week,  The Book People leave a selection of reasonably priced books for us to buy if we choose, and this one was on the coffee table in the (fairly untidy!) staff room.
Some of the other teachers did look at it, but I don't think anyone bought! Who has time to clean properly today?  I'd get a cleaner if I could afford it, but I'd have to tidy before he/she came, so defeats the object really!

Should be at a crop today, but feeling a bit rough, might see if I improve when lunchtime gets here.


Annie said...

I think I'll come and live with you.....emergency cleaning is good!!!

Thanks for sharing with us.

Love and hugs

Annie xxx

SusieJ said...

I used to love the Book People calling at school! Not sure about this one though! You're doing well doing emergency cleaning!
Hope you're feeling better and can make your crop.
Hugs xx