Thursday, 19 July 2012

Almost there.....

Three days of term left; it's totally manic at work as the school is being completely redecorated. Ahead lies new flooring and freshly painted walls over the holiday, so we all have to box up the entire contents of our classrooms in readiness.  My room looks so strange with so little in it, the only bit I'm not looking forward to is getting everything back out of the boxes again in September!

As summer may be set to finally appear in the next few days, (according to the forecast) i thought a photo taken of my grandparents in their back garden during a 70's summer would suit today.

 I saw a quilling demo on the DoCrafts site, now quilling isn't usually my thing, but I liked the flowers so much that I bought the dies (currently available on the DC site for a bargain price!) to make them.  It was so simple to make the blooms, I ended up making loads, and storing them with the papers they matched ready for later use.  This also meant i didn't feel too bad about using loads on a single layout!

The journalling is all about how Grandad always gardened in shirt and tie (in fact, both my Grandads did!) no matter how hard he worked. He had one of those plots where not a leaf was out of place.

I just wish both my Grandads could see my garden now, it's not pristine as I go for the 'natural' look, but i think they would see that it is tended with love.

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