Friday, 27 July 2012

Coventry Makeover

As the 2012 Olympics begin today and we are the host nation, this once in a lifetime experience has been marked locally with a bit of a makeover.

As the local football stadium is the venue for the heats and the bronze medal decider, there have been lots of changes hereabouts to mark this auspicious event!  
I got up early a week or so before the games began on a rare sunny Sunday, and managed to get some great shots of the stadium and surroundings.

I'm hoping to get lots more Olympic shots when we visit Weymouth, as the sailing happens there.


SusieJ said...

Great photos Ann. I'm so pleased that not everything will be happening in London - it was lovely to see a packed Old Trafford last night for Team GB's first game.
Enjoy your time in Weymouth.
Hugs xx

Jimjams said...

How fabulous - great photos