Friday, 7 September 2012

Heritage Open Weekend.

One of my favourite days in Septembers past has always been Heritage Open Day, when we can go into buildings that are usually not open to the public.
Although much of our fantastic heritage in Coventry was destroyed during the blitz, there are a few pockets left, so we usually go into town to see buildings that are many hundreds of years old.

This page is about one Heritage Open Day two years ago, and although the images are of modern Coventry, we did spend the day looking in the Georgian Draper's Hall...
 the undercroft of St Mary's,  a Benedictine monastery founded in 1043...
and Ford's Hospital, such a beautiful Tudor building it was the setting for the Shakespeare Dr Who a couple of years ago.

Ford's Hospital

At the end of the day we came right up to date and walked down a plaza built for the millennium, and these photos are of Harry and Kevin behind the fountain.

I'm hoping to visit more interesting sites in my City this weekend.
Why not click on this link to see what's going on where you live?

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