Sunday, 28 October 2012

Birthday Double Page

I seem to be taking lots of photos at the moment, and these have generated more double layouts this year than I have done for ages.
This one records Katie's birthday treat last weekend.  She took ages to decide what she wanted to do, and her choice of Nando's was very last minute.

I took photos of the menu while in there (I know... a bit weird if you are not a scrapbooker!)

 and used these to embellish the page.

No photo of Harry as he was in a grumpy teen mood and wouldn't have one taken.
Huge thanks to Jemma (aka Jimjams) for the stitching template I used for the title, I only added to mine by colouring inside the letters too.
Cyber crop this weekend on UKScrappers,  and I've got a class at 5pm if you are interested.....

1 comment:

Jimjams said...

Those letters look great Ann - glad you could make use of the template.
I've never been to Nando's - hope it was yummy. I had to laugh at the grumpy teen attitude ... we still have that with 20+ year old boys :o(