Friday, 5 October 2012

Shared Inspiration

One of the things I love about UK Scrappers is the inspiration I get from other members.  I've even been lucky enough to meet a few at crops and classes, like Jemma (or Jimjams).
I love her contributions to the Counterfit Kit Challenge and I shamelessly pinched this letter stitching idea from this recent page of hers.

It's a great idea if you are short of a letter (or even missing one) from a sticker set.  I used a really old set of Thickers, stuck them lightly to the page and then pierced around them.

Once I had removed the letters I stitched my title, simple!
 The very silly photo is of me and Harry by the lighthouse in Portland,

every time we visit and see the sign we have to pull this face (I'm sure others passing think we are crazy!) but this year Katie caught us on film.
Sad to admit starting my Christmas cards, don't usually begin until half term, but it's so late this year I thought I'd better get a move on with them.

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Ladkyis said...

Some time such faces have to be pulled, no getting away from it. As for Christmas cards, well mine are made and written and ready for the family newsletter to be put into some of them before posting. I call it organised, my daughter calls it ocd (I prefer CDO because then it's in alphabetical order)