Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Political JYC Page

The prompt for today was about treats, and many other JYCers in the past have made layouts about the red cups in Starbucks.

They aren't really my thing, (not since they stopped making the cherry version) so I decided to make my page about the recent scandal Starbucks have become embroiled in.   I know they have now agreed to pay a small amount of corporation tax over the next two years, but I think (being a bit cynical about American megacorps) that they will just wait a couple of years until the dust settles, then will be back to their old tricks again.... and Google and Amazon?  As it's almost impossible to boycott them they will continue to trade here and pay no tax.  Bah humbug to them I say.

1 comment:

Jimjams said...

Love your take on the prompt.
We were discussing Starbucks/Google et al and reckon it's HMRC that need to clean up their act really!