Sunday, 9 December 2012

Day 3 and 4

Not been very good at sticking to the prompts this year.
On the 3rd I used this photo of the Christmas lights I took in Stratford last weekend.

And for the 4th....

Hannah made a comment last year as we were out shopping about a childhood memory surrounding a brand of chocolate (Mr Ambassador... you are spoiling us!) She said that she had really looked forward to eating them as they must be the most amazing chocolates! Sadly the real things were a little disappointing, so Kev could resist getting her a box last year, and the pictures are of her opening the gift tagged 'The most amazing gift ever!'
Two weeks left to go at work, John and Kathleen have returned from their Gallic visit to Gavin and Jacq, and Hannah returns tomorrow.  It feels like the Christmas season is starting early.


Ladkyis said...

When they were first advertised I was convinced that they were called Ferrero Oh Sh*t. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and waited anxiously for the next time the advert came on. Of course it waited until I was distracted so I didn't see it only heard and it was several days before the truth was revealed. In the mean time I had voiced my doubts to my family - you can here the loud laughter can't you? They are still called Oh Sh*t sweets in this house.

Crafty-emblies said...

they are gorjuss, love the laughter in the second one


CoventryAnn said...

I love your story Ann, so funny!