Sunday, 23 December 2012

No more work

Just a couple of days to go before the big day, we got up at usual work time yesterday morning and manged to get all of the shopping done before 11am.  Phew!
Here are two more JYC pages, I am up to date with them which is a minor miracle considering how late we worked this year.
The first page tells the story of a magical 'ride' we used to take the children on when they were small at our local Co-op.  On the way to see Father Christmas you climb into a sleigh and as the walls move you feel like you are on a journey to his grotto.  I remember as a child being astonished as we left Santa's room that we were magically back where we had started! ...And Hannah loved the ride so much that she still goes back every year, even at the age of 20!

This is another page with a story, Kevin has made lots and lots of Christmas presents in his garage this year from scrap wood (usually pallets) he has found on his travels as a supply teacher.  Harry was so excited about the gifts he asked for one for himself, Kev has made him one secretly.  I just can't wait to see Harry's face when he receives this gift.
Out for Sunday lunch later today as it is my brother's birthday, the start of our Christmas celebrations.


Julia Dunnit said...

Am excited for Harry! Impressed that you're up to date, bet you really look forward to the few minutes of art each day to make a page. Happy Christmas!

Jimjams said...

Well done on keeping up (I didn't even start :o( I knew my limitations by Dec 5th) and how wonderful to have someone in the family that can work with wood.

Happy Christmas!

Jemma x