Saturday, 23 February 2013

21 Today

I can't believe that it is 21 years since the birth of my eldest daughter.... where on earth did all that time go?

She is in her final year at University, just about to start a placement in the field of work she is interested in, adulthood awaits her!

Happy birthday sweetheart :)


Jimjams said...

Congratulations to H - only a girl as pretty as she is could pull such faces and still look attractive! Great collage and a super card.

Svjetlana said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Lovely card.

SusieJ said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!
Love the card Ann.
Hugs xx

Kim said...

Happy 21st Birthday Hannah
Kim and Jack

Dawn said...

Hope Hannah enjoyed her birthday, Couldn't agree more with Jemma's comment above.

Fiona Keel said...

beautiful cards and fab photos, I don't know where the years go either, my little girl is 25 now! Fi x