Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Geek News

We are serious geeks in this house: 3 science degrees between us (with a fourth if Katie does physics at Uni in the future), fave TV programme The Big Bang Theory and watching any sci fi that appears on TV... so it's no surprise that yesterday saw us at The Odeon watching the new Star Trek film.  The film was great, well worth seeing, although as an avowed geek you might not find my recommendation unbiased.

Katie went to the NEC earlier this year to Memorabelia, a convention for geeks, here she met many others who were even nerdier than us, so much so they dressed up for the conference!

Here's a page about a meeting with a Stormtrooper who had her phone, and she had to beg for its return.

The papers were a set I picked up at a bargain craft shop last year, and the robots seemed ideal for the theme.

I loved the little brads, and as they were such good value I didn't mind adding so many to the page!
Decorating the hall at the moment (well Kev is!) I'm supervising :)