Sunday, 4 August 2013


We have had the best ever harvest from much of our fruit this year.  Late yes, but highly productive!  At time of writing I managed to make 5 pounds (I know, I should be working in grams, but with jam it just doesn't seem right!) of blackcurrant jam; harvested and made the same day and we awaiting the ripening of the plums.

Best of all though was the cherry tree.  It really outdid itself this year, so much so that i had to take some of the fruit into work to share!

Nothing was made from the cherries, they are just too delicious raw, so tha'ts how they were eaten!

The papers and chipboard are all Create DIY, I especially liked the little banners, the lower one was cut out from the paper just perfect to finish off my title!

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Julia Dunnit said...

oh how fab..and how wonderful that your tree isn't stripped naked by the birds in half a day.....does that sound slightly bitter?!!
Love the mixy matchy LO..of course - you've never posted a LO I didn't!