Monday, 9 September 2013

Lyme Regis

This year on the Dorset coast we had a day to ourselves as my sister took the kids to Portland, so we headed off westward to Lyme Regis. The day began cloudy and it was so misty on the cliff tops we had to switch the headlights on the car, but on arrival the sun came out, and we enjoyed a gorgeous day in this famous seaside spot.

I took lots of photos (for a change!) and can see these appearing on a few pages soon. This first layout includes some of my favourites, gorgeous beach huts on the sea front.  Some were open and we could see inside... one was so sweet with seaside decor I nearly asked if I could take a picture of the interior, but didn't have the courage to ask.

A lovely grown up lunch in a waterfront pub, no bickering kids, (well not ours anyway!) and an ice cream on the sea wall finished a day to remember. I felt a bit bad that my sister had taken on the kids for the day, but it turned out that they had a brilliant time too swimming off Portland, rare as it is usually too rough to take a dip from the island; the boys wanted to go in so much that they swam in their pants!  Wish I'd seen that, a perfect scrapbooking opp!

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