Friday, 4 October 2013


Being a child of the 60's, with most of my schooling happening in the 70's, our school uniforms were fairly informal.  Only the private schools had blazers, and in Coventry the grammar schools had converted to comprehensives too, so no blazers there either.

It seems now though, that many local secondary school Heads are returning to a far more formal uniform, including ties and blazers. I'm not sure if it's in an attempt to improve behaviour (high expectations and all that) or simply to impress OFSTED, but the cost of buying a uniform has rocketed as a result.

Harry, being in Year 10, will have to make this blazer do until he finishes next year.  It looks very smart now, not sure how well it will look after 18 months wear... that remains to be seen.

So, I took a photo of him in it, before shabbiness set in, and here he is at the start of Key Stage 4.
No smiling any more at the start of the school year photos, teen glum is his style now!


SusieJ said...

I love the LO! It brought back memories for me..I was at a grammar school in the 60's...not only did we have blazers and ties but for the first two years girls had to wear square necked tunics (in bottle green)and square necked cream blouses that buttoned up the back...imagine the scene after PE!!
And how time is flying...Harry in Year 10...doesn't seem five minutes since he was leaving Primary school!
Hugs xx

Jimjams said...

Happy Birthday to Harry - he looks very grown up (if glum). Love the use of school papers on this page. My kids had blazers too - luckily BHS/the market sold the right colours and the school sold pocket badges - much cheaper than the "official" shop's offering!