Friday, 20 December 2013

Days 15 and 16.

Kevin has spent many hours in the garage this year making things from wood after I bought him a bandsaw for his 50th birthday.
He fashioned many of these cute robins as gifts for the family, so I snapped a picture before they were all sent to their new homes.

Christmas entertainment was the prompt for the 16th.  After writing in previous journals about the music we like to play, I recorded my thoughts on a favourite Christmas film.  It went out of favour for a few years, probably as it is filmed in black and white, but in a recent poll It's a Wonderful Life has come at the top of the list for the Christmas film of choice. With an angel, love story, happy family life, a beautiful house, and even a banking story that brings it right up to date, what's not to like?

Last day at work today.  Hooray.

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