Sunday, 22 December 2013

Days 19 and 20

On the 19th we had a Christmas dinner at work, and Secret Santa gifts. The cost limit for the gift is £5, a bit tricky to pick up anything nice, so I usually make  a little something.  This year it was embroidered felt tree decorations, hope the recipient liked them.

And so, into the 20s... Christmas is really near! Prompt today was about a gift bought, and the thoughts behind it before the 25th, so I discussed how hard it is to buy for my husband... are all middle aged men so difficult?

I hope I've got it right this year:-) ; time will tell.

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Shibu Hashim said...

Hi, Ann. I would love to receive a handmade ornament, which can be lovingly brought out every year, with sweet memory attached. The world needs more of that sort of thing. I am POSITIVE that Kevin will love his present ...from, who knows him inside out .... Ssssshhhhhhh,,,, sleigh bells ring, are you listening ????