Friday, 14 March 2014

Teenage terrors

Why is it, that my girls are quite happy to have their photos taken, but my son will insist on pulling stupid faces whenever I point my camera lens in his direction?

Because of this he is appearing less and less often on my scrapbook pages, including this one.

On Mum's 70th birthday I snapped a good few photos I was really happy with, all except one of Harry.  Hence the title and the journalling on the layout.

I liked the photos so much I went for a rare double layout using Amy Tan papers with a co-ordinating horizontal and vertical strip on each page. All the embellishments are cut (frames and typewriters) or punched (hearts) from the papers.


Ladkyis said...

I remember telling my boys to think carefully about pulling faces because I would still take the picture and in future years would use it alongside the naked-on-the-rug-as-a-baby pictures to show any girlfriend just what they were letting themselves in for. It seemed to work. NOw of course you can promise to put them on facebook for the world to see. Blackmail can be a Good Thing

Svjetlana said...

Having same problem with my teenage daughter and it is not so long time ago when she used to pretend she was a photo model. If I would mention putting it on the Facebook she would just un friend me, so we have to be careful with black mailing :). Love your page.

pam thorburn said...

I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT you mean-Looking through my scrapbook albums you would be forgiven for thinking my daughter was an only child!

sue jones said...

oo tell me about it!! I have to bribe my son to let me take photos! Great page and i just love all the empty frames to help illustrate the missing boy :)

Jimjams said...

Fab page title ... it's a common problem I think and perhaps you have found a way to solve it ... will he cooperate more now I wonder?!